Friday, January 6, 2012

Kitchen Bench Organiser

I'm actually very messy, but since I've became a mother to my lovely daughters, I'm a bit more organised. I like things in their place. I find it easier and save time to know where everything is. That's why I created this bench organiser from a left over pallet. 

Kitchen Bench Organiser from Scrap Pallet & Xmas Dessert 


  1. Pallets
  2. MDF panel ~~~ this actually come as is from the scrap pallets that I used
  3. Wood cleaner
  4. Wood glue
  5. Wood Sander
  6. White paint
  7. Stencil words template ~~~ I just search on the internet for the Japanese hiragana symbol "itadakimasu" (=let's eat), and type the word "eat" in Arial font. 
  8. Black whiteboard marker
  9. Scotch tape ~~~ to stick stencil words template
  10. Plastic mat ~~~ you can use plastic mat for drawers and cut according to the custom size
  11. Mitre saw/hand saw
  12. Jig-saw
  13. Drill
  14. Screws


  1. Once you have disassembled the pallet, cut pallet wood to custom size panels according to your need  --- here I used combination of panels in 8"x3"and 10.5"x3" sizes which need to be reassembled. For the frame (i.e. 3 chunky blocks & MDF panel base), basically I just leave it as is.    
  2. Use wood sander to get rid off splinters.  
  3. Use wood cleaner to wash the pallet  --- if you want to use it for indoor and especially to put food/drink on it, it's recommended to wash and clean it first.
  4. Paint the pallet and let it dry. It's better to paint the base and the panels separately or before assembly to avoid uneven paint
  5. Once the pallet dried, you're ready to reassembled. Arrange the wood panels as you wish on the MDF panel base, then use wood glue to stick them. You might need to add screw to secure the MDF panel base first to the 3 chunky blocks. *** Make sure that the pallet base is even so that it won't wobbly when you use it later on. 
  6. Stick the stencil words template using scotch tape and with black marker write the words that you like. 

7. Cut out plastic mat to fit the pallet and you can secure it with wood glue or clear scotch tape

8. Ta-da..... now you just need to sit back and enjoy! No more fuss!

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