Friday, January 6, 2012

All The Little Things That Matter

I always want to make a First Aid Kit that can easily be carried around. Especially now when my eldest daughter loves to run around. Normally I just put most of the things such as sun block, moisturiser, medicine, etc in the diaper bag pockets but I find it so messy as they are all over the place and I have to take out one by one to check if I get the right thing (maybe I carry too much stuff). I need something that is pack and don't take a lot of space, and also see through. So why not just reuse the clear plastic bag which was a bed sheet packaging. 


  • A clear plastic bag which is thick/strong enough to hold few items - you can choose the ones with button/s if you like, mine has a bit of glue on it so it can secure the contents.

  • First Aid Kit --> e.g: Band aid, Antiseptic, Insect bite cream, Bruise cream, and so on. 

  • Print out a cut out picture to accessorise the clear bag --> Use Mod Podge as glue and finish touch. Another option, you can use a wide scotch tape to seal the picture. Since after I remove the original label from the clear bag, there is still some glue left over. In this case no need to put more glue to stick the picture.

And there you go, you know where you put "All the little things that matter"

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