Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Message Board

I got an old cork board from my brother who found it when he was moving house. It was grey colour cork board with black frame. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the "before" photo.

It was a while that I've been staring at that boring grey colour cork board before I got an inspiration when I went to an exhibition one day. I've always wanted to do something with it but just haven't found the right idea. But when I saw a board covered with hessian fabric, I know that's what I want.

I went for a simple look and it was super easy to do. You only need hessian fabric, enough to cover the cork board, string, scissor and an upholstery stapler. 

The string helps to divide the board into sections. It definitely help me to classify informations, such as important phone numbers and events. It can also hold a piece of paper without pin. I'm loving it!

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